, Inc. About Us "Where the Asphalt Stops" has been built from the rider’s eyes to be your Premier Biker Event Search Engine.  Riding never has been more popular, the equipment more reliable and the rider more tech hungry then in the entire history of hitting the road.  

 We realize the need for a unique approach that "Tools up the Rider".  Built by the biker for the biker our team is developing a fully equipped dashboard of Event Related Tools and Information that's extremely user friendly, engaging and doesn’t waste your time.

  Whether you are an experienced rider or new to the highway will deliver Valuable Event Related Information to all. We feel you should be aware of every biker party, each major biker event, have the tools to R&D travel plans, save your research in your   personal Bikerzworld Folder and share with your Cru before you ever hit the asphalt., Inc "Where the Asphalt Stops" is a privately owned corporation made up of a talented team of front end Scooter Tramps and a badass back end Cru of Online Mechanics. Our goal is a continuing commitment to develop engaging Event Search and Research Tools combined with the most up to date relevant information that make our users off road experience just as kickass as on the highway!

"BJ" Founder, Principal, CEO

"Ryan-The Mechanic" Principal, CTO

"Lash LaRue" Front End Cru

"Bear" Front End Cru

"Don Butcho" Front End Cru