State by State Gun Laws                                                                                    
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!!!!                                                                                 provides important legal resources addressing laws that may be important to you when traveling cross country or from state to state with a weapon. Concealed Carry Laws, State to State Reciprocity, Weapons Transport Laws and other important supporting info for you, the rider, is at your fingertips on every state gun law page below.

Federal Gun Laws are important to be aware of when traveling and transporting a weapon from State to State on U.S. Highways and through National Parks. State and local Concealed Carry Laws and even Gun Transport Laws may differ from county to county and city to city in many states regardless of Federal or State Law. In some states you may need to be aware of Tribal Law if you plan on carrying a weapon while riding through Native American Reservations; the resource for locating those codes are on state pages with Reservations. provides links to the authorized agency charged with overseeing gun laws in each state along with a link to each actual law posted for your review. Doing a bit of research before you hit the highway will afford you with peace of mind.  Nothing is worse than hitting the road uninformed and getting busted!

Take advantage of the links provided within each page so you have the most up to date reliable information.  Find your state below or one you may be planing on traveling through. Safe Ridin!!!   [Last Update 09/23/14]

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