Motorcyclist Rights and Education

Motorcyclist Rights and Education will cross trails with every rider. Bikerzworld lists quick link access to State by State Motorcycle Rights Organizations (MRO's) as well as Symbol of american rights and education affecting motorcyclistMotorcycle Operators Manuals (M.O.M.) in a PDF format State by State. 

Motorcyclists Rights: MRO's are advocates for the general point of view of the motorcyclist.  Legislative issues range from Helmet Laws, Training, Licensing to legalizing authority appointed Road Captains and Poker Run issues. They work diligently towards increasing penalties for drivers that are at fault in motorcycle related accidents and attempt to stop those government backed motorcycle only roadblocks.  

Your local MRO coordinates with other state and national level MRO's to lobby both state and federal issues important to you through a variety of campaigns such as Motorcycle Awareness. There are currently many other MRO's both state and nationally that aren't listed at this time.  Getting involved is as easy as going to their website and follow the directions.

Education: Providing Education for the motorcyclist is also a focus of the MRO's. The bottom line with Rider Education is the process of teaching a rider how to operate their motorcycle safely and avoid crashes.  

M.O.M's are packed with useful information for new and or inexperienced riders.  Generally each state's Department of Transportation (DOT) and or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) also list Motorcycle Training Facilities and State Sponsored Motorcycle Rider Training Programs.  Search under your states Motorcycle Laws here at Bikerzworld for quick links to your states DMV and DOT.  Check out your states M.O.M. today and the many resources available in your state!