State by State U.S. Department of Transportation 

Federal Highway Administration (FHA) state listings offer several additional Road Conditions Research Tools  to help deepen your knowledge. The links within each of the below state listings provides the FHA's most up to date information you can have on the state you live in or plan to Federal road condition reports affecting motorcyclisttravel through.

Generally you will find some valuable information on travel issues through Federal and Indian Lands, Travel Maps for Big Cities and of course Federal Road and Bridge construction projects. Some of the information you will find below might not be found in the other categories under Road Conditions. We have provided each states listing for your research convenience.

If you plan to ride your motorcycle cross country or a distance within your state take a few minutes and take advantage of the resources within the Road Conditions Research Tools. Keep in mind summer time is construction time so check on those passes, roads and bridges before you head out.

Below is a State by State U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration listing of quick links to assist you in planning your next big ride! 

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