U.S.A. Road Conditions


Bikerzworld provides quick link Road Conditions Research Tools to states Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation and Additional Info such as 511 and Travelers Resources for our users.  Being aware of road closures, construction, lane closures or weather related issues such as flooded roads is key before you hit the highway.  Nothing sucks worse than sitting in the middle of nowhere under the hot summer sun because the road you took was down to one lane for a hundred miles....avoidable.  

Department of Transportation traveler information covers a variety of road intel from state to state.  Aside from offering the most current and accurate Road Conditions, other important features such as rest areas, service plazas, fog, smoke, hurricane and other road advisory information is available.  This is a great resource to start with. 

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration state listings offer several other beneficial links to help deepen your Road Condition Research. Typically you will find some valuable information on travel issues through Federal and Indian Lands. We have provided each states listing for your research convenience.

Additional Info also provides a state by state listing of government sites directed to the traveler.  Primarily these listings are 511 based and are great resources for incident and construction issues.  Generally there is emergency info listed and traffic camera views that might be important to you when traveling through big cities.

Please take advantage of these Road Condition Research Tools whether you are riding through your state, cross country or you are on an International road trip through the USA..                                                                                                                         

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