State by State Department of Transportation 

Road Conditions and Traffic Info provided by the Department of Transportation offers the rider the most up to date information you can get on the state you live in or State Road Condition informationplan to travel through.

Knowing ahead of time which roads might not be the best option is priceless. Info on smoke from wildfires, snow covered passes, hurricane, tornado, flooded highways to construction just to name a few over the highway snafus that may sure change the outcome of your trip. Aside from offering State Wide Road Advisory Information you will find other important to a rider information.  Topics like maps, scenic highways, toll and turnpike info, highway mileage, rest areas, service plazas are some of the things you can research and get a heads up on.

If you plan to ride your motorcycle cross country or a distance within your state take a few minutes to get a heads up on the Road Conditions on your planned route. Keep in mind summer time is construction time so check on those roads and bridges before you head out.

Below is a State by State Department of Transportation listing of quick links to assist you in planning your next big ride! 

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